Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast

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Carl Richards MD, Treve Henwood DO

Welcome to the Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast. This is a podcast made specifically with the rural emergency provider in mind. We understand that many of the educational activities and research ...

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2 Reviews

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J. Wallace, MD Dec. 27, 2018

Just as advertised, this is a great EM podcast for rural / community providers. The hosts are great and there is a nice eclectic mix of expert presenters beginning to shape up and contribute. Keep up the great work guys!

A. Morgan, DO Dec. 20, 2018

Love this podcast! So many podcasts focus on the latest and greatest cutting edge medicine. Many of these podcasts are great, and I listen to several of them. But much of what is discussed is not practical for the rural ED. For example, ECMO CPR is fascinating, but it will be decades if that technology ever gets to the rural ED. This podcast is a discussion about where the rubber meets the road when you have limited resources and little to no backup. In other words, this is about life for the Rural EM practitioner.

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