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S. Camba Oct. 5, 2018

A great product for first and second year medical students for both in class exams as well as STEP 1 exam. For school, you can easily upload your lectures then osmosis will create flashcards based on the material of that lecture. You can break them down into your separate classes and do their MCQs based on your lecture material as well. This makes organization very simple and time saving since it will give you flascards as well as extra MCQs for practice. They are also super fast in communication, just send a message in the chat box and you can communicate within minutes to hours. They also have a great iphone application to use when on the go. For STEP 1 exam, they have many create custom calendars for you to do both during medical school and during isolated STEP prep. They give you daily videos to watch, pages on First Aid to read, MCQs to do, flashcards to add and even integrate pathoma, sketchy micro/pharm/path or any other additional resources you are using like Boards & Beyond. Their site has much more like their video explanations, patient care integration for better aid, integrate your Anki deck into their spaced repetition flashcards and more! Most features are for subscription based membership but you can sign up for free with a 2 week trail for prime and after 2 weeks you still get limited features. Would recommend for anyone looking for a new strategy to increase medical school exams, anyone in their dedicated STEP prep, or anyone finishing their first to second year to start STEP prep during classes or summer breaks with their custom schedules.

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